Blazing Blossom: Glass Flower Workshop - April 27th and 28th



Dive into the mesmerizing world of glass art at Dougherty Glassworks, where ancient craft meets modern creativity in our "Blazing Blossom: Glass Flower Workshop."

In this hands-on experience, designed for the curious and the creative at heart, you'll journey through the magical process of glassblowing, transforming molten glass into a delicate and vibrant glass flower.

Perfect for anyone aged 14 and above, this workshop welcomes you to choose your palette from an array of colors, guiding you to sculpt life into your unique creation. As you sit at the glassblower's bench, our expert artisans will be by your side, gathering the hot glass and adding your chosen hues. Then, it's your turn to shine - using traditional tools, you'll stretch, shape, and coax the glass into a blooming flower, capturing a moment of beauty that lasts forever.

This intimate workshop spans 1 hour of creative exploration, accommodating 3 participants per session. The session begins with a crucial safety briefing, followed by a captivating live demonstration, setting the stage for your hands-on experience. As you take your place at the glassblower's bench, our instructor will guide you step by step, allowing you to shape, stretch, and mold the glass into a blooming flower, a lasting emblem of beauty and craftsmanship.

Your masterpiece will undergo an overnight cooling process, ensuring its durability and brilliance. Ready for pickup the next day, your glass flower can also be shipped to your doorstep, making it a perfect memento or a thoughtful gift.

No prior experience is needed, just a spark of curiosity and the desire to create. With spots filling fast, we recommend booking your spot online to secure your place in this enchanting workshop. Embrace the warmth, the light, and the colors of glass art, and let your creativity blossom with Dougherty Glassworks

Production of Your DGW Piece

Every Dougherty Glassworks piece is handmade and individually unique. Slight variations in colour and small bubbles are evidence of the handcrafted process.

We are committed to delivering work that is of the highest quality and will gladly exchange any pieces that you are not completely satified with (shipping not included).

Shipping Timelines

We look forward to crafting and preparing your order.

Please expect delivery within 1-3 weeks.

Pick-up orders will be notified via email when we are ready to schedule your visit.