Glassblowing Workshops at Dougherty Glassworks

Steam rises from a molten glass form as it's cradled in a shaping tool, with the glassblower's hands carefully guiding the process. The vibrant orange hue of the hot glass stands out against the dark, blurred background of the glassblowing studio.

Ignite Your Creativity with Glass

Dive into the enchanting world of glass art at Dougherty Glassworks, where creativity meets craftsmanship. Our workshops come in three distinct flavors, each designed to suit different interests and engagement levels in the art of glassmaking. Whether you're looking for a brief encounter with molten magic, a deep dive into the craft, or a personalized learning experience, we've got you covered. In an atmosphere brimming with warmth and creativity, discover the joy of transforming molten glass into beautiful, tangible art.

Explore Our Workshop Offerings

Single Object Experiences

Artisan glassblowing process captured in action, showcasing the skilled hand of a craftsman using a blowtorch to shape a glowing piece of molten glass on a marver. Tools of the trade, like tongs and a steel table, frame the scene, emphasizing the blend of artistry and precision in handcrafted glasswork.

Perfect for beginners or those short on time, these workshops focus on creating a single, beautiful object. Work one-on-one with an artisan to get a taste of glassblowing and take home not just a piece of glass but a piece of the experience.

Weekend Workshops

An engaging glassblowing workshop scene where a focused woman in safety goggles receives guidance from an instructor. They are attentively shaping a glass piece, with workshop tools scattered around and a fellow glassblower working in the background, highlighting a learning environment rich in craftsmanship.

Dive deeper into the world of glassblowing with our intensive weekend workshops. These sessions are designed to teach you the full process of glassmaking, from gathering to shaping. It's hands-on, it's immersive, and while you'll certainly create lovely objects, the real takeaway is the skill and knowledge you'll gain.

Private Lessons

A concentrated glassblowing session in progress, featuring two individuals in safety glasses focused on shaping a hot, glowing piece of molten glass. The elder artisan holds the glassblowing pipe, shaping the viscous material, while the younger one observes closely, set against a backdrop of a cluttered workshop filled with tools of the trade.

Great for a single student or a team-building outing Private lessons are tailored to fit your specific interests and skill level, and offer a personalized journey into the art of glassmaking. Whether you're a complete novice or looking to hone your skills, these one-on-one sessions are designed to meet your unique desires and goals.

Got questions? We're here to help. Whether you're curious about the process, wondering about our workshop schedules, or just want to say hello, drop us a line.
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