Elevate your home bar with our stylish Barware Collection at Dougherty Glassworks. This curated selection features everything from sleek carafes and elegant tumblers to vibrant drinking glasses, each crafted with precision and style.

Kick off your collection with our modern glassware setups, like the cylindrical carafes and matching tumblers, all presented on a light, sleek surface under soft lighting to enhance their clarity and design. Our best-selling Deco Collection offers artisan glasses in sea foam green, highlighting the vibrant color against a neutral background.

Explore the assorted Tundra Series Drinking Glasses, available in a variety of colors including Lichen Green and Dusty Rose, perfect for adding a touch of color to your gatherings. For a more dynamic look, the Borealis Series features bright tumblers with functional beauty, designed with indentations for a better grip.

For those who appreciate minimalist elegance, our Carafe and Glass Set showcases smooth contours and subtle reflections, setting a tone of modern elegance. Additionally, the collection includes uniquely designed pieces like the Stemless Wine Glass and the Thumb Divot Carafe, each standing out with its distinctive features.

Special offerings such as the Seconds Sale items provide a chance to own beautifully crafted glassware at a discounted price, featuring designs like the Tall Drinking Glass in Dusty Rose and the Short Drinking Glass in Clear, each with unique gradients and elegant touches.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or looking to start your collection, the Barware Collection from Dougherty Glassworks offers exquisite pieces that promise to transform your drink serving experience. Shop now to discover glassware that combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, perfect for any occasion.
A stylish kitchen counter featuring an antique gold wine rack holding a textured glass bottle, accompanied by two clear and two amber-colored glass tumblers, with a backdrop of white subway tiles and hanging green plants.

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