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Explore our exquisite Home Decor Collection, a curated selection of handcrafted glass pieces designed to enrich any living space. This diverse collection features the Halo Vase series and unique Christmas Orbs, each piece crafted with meticulous attention to detail and artistic flair.

Delight in the Halo Vase series, which includes Squat, Round, and Cone designs. These vases vary in shape from harmonious round-bottomed spheres to sleek conical forms, all showcased on reflective surfaces to highlight their translucent, warm-toned glass and contemporary design.

Celebrate the festive season with our vibrant Christmas Orbs, including the Confetti, Illuminate Series, and Iridescence styles. From watercolor-inspired patterns to iridescent mosaics, each orb is a small masterpiece, perfect for adding a splash of color and elegance to your holiday decor.

Not to be overlooked, the Small Heirloom Bowl stands out with its deep, rich color and textured exterior, demonstrating timeless craftsmanship ideal for any decor aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your interior with modern vases or seeking the perfect, festive ornament, our Home Decor Collection offers something unique for every taste and occasion. Shop now to discover pieces that will transform your space and celebrate the art of glass.

This revised description maintains the focus on the variety and quality of the collection without
A stylish kitchen counter featuring an antique gold wine rack holding a textured glass bottle, accompanied by two clear and two amber-colored glass tumblers, with a backdrop of white subway tiles and hanging green plants.

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