Tundra Series Drinking Glasses



Immerse yourself in the cool elegance of the Tundra Series Handblown Glasses from Dougherty Glassworks, a masterpiece of Canadian glass artistry. Offered in both a 12oz highball and a generous 16oz size, these glasses elevate any beverage occasion, from sophisticated cocktail parties to quiet, reflective moments.

Among the palette of hues that capture the essence of the tundra, the Dusty Rose stands out, offering a warm, inviting glow that complements any drink. These glasses transcend their utility, inviting you to engage with their design through an ergonomic thumb divot, ensuring a secure and comfortable grasp with every sip.

The interior of each glass is adorned with a captivating pattern of bubbles, encircling the iconic Dougherty Glassworks logo, adding a layer of intrigue to your beverage. Crafted for the aficionado, these glasses are a testament to luxury in your barware collection, blending exceptional craftsmanship with a flair for the artistic.

Elevate your beverage experience with the Tundra Series Handblown Glasses, where each piece is not merely functional but a journey, inviting you to appreciate the craftsmanship and story behind your drinkware.

Discover the Tundra Series Handblown Glasses and bring a touch of artistry to your barware collection.

After you've explored the frost-kissed elegance of the Tundra Series Handblown Glasses, you might find yourself drawn to the celestial charm of the Borealis Series Drinking Glasses. Like the natural light display that dances across the polar skies, the Borealis Series brings a spectrum of jewel tones to your table. With options like Amethyst, Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Aquamarine, and Zircon, these glasses are crafted to dazzle. Available in two convenient sizes, 12oz for neat drinks and a 16oz version perfect for those generous pours, each glass features the signature ergonomic thumb divot for a secure and delightful hold, along with a captivating matrix of bubbles that animate each sip.

Dive into the colorful allure of the Borealis Series and let each glass reflect your finest moments, whether it's a toast to the day's end or a celebration among friends ​

Explore the Borealis Series Drinking Glasses here.

Production of Your DGW Piece

Every Dougherty Glassworks piece is handmade and individually unique. Slight variations in colour and small bubbles are evidence of the handcrafted process.

We are committed to delivering work that is of the highest quality and will gladly exchange any pieces that you are not completely satified with (shipping not included).

Shipping Timelines

We look forward to crafting and preparing your order.

Please expect delivery within 1-3 weeks.

Pick-up orders will be notified via email when we are ready to schedule your visit.