Whiskey Snifter Glasses



This glass is a one trick pony, but it does that trick so well, its not to be overlooked.

Any whisky aficionado will appreciate this classic glencairn shape for maximizing the flavor profile of their neat drink, while the solid foot gives the weight it needs to stir the drink comfortably and  keeping its stable if it ever gets set down.

Upgrade your whisky tasting game, and impress your friends. 

The perfect gift for the dad who seemly has “everything” and of course, the whisky snob in your life.  

Production of Your DGW Piece

Every Dougherty Glassworks piece is handmade and individually unique. Slight variations in colour and small bubbles are evidence of the handcrafted process.

We are committed to delivering work that is of the highest quality and will gladly exchange any pieces that you are not completely satified with (shipping not included).

Shipping Timelines

We look forward to crafting and preparing your order.

Please expect delivery within 1-3 weeks.

Pick-up orders will be notified via email when we are ready to schedule your visit.