Halo Vases

Introducing the Halo Vases Collection from Dougherty Glassworks, a celebration of serene and contemporary glass artistry. Each piece in this collection – whether squat, round, or conical – mirrors the tranquility and subtle elegance of modern design.

Start with the Halo Vase - Squat, featuring a wide, flattened body and a narrow, raised lid, perfect for minimalist spaces that appreciate subtle decor accents. Its smooth lines and tranquil, translucent color epitomize the essence of contemporary glass craftsmanship.

Explore further with our Halo Vase - Round, presenting a set of round-bottomed glass vases in varying sizes. Each vase, with its small opening at the top, forms a harmonious arrangement, reflecting warm-toned, translucent spheres on a reflective surface. These pieces are ideal for creating a cohesive yet diverse display in any setting.

The collection is completed by the Halo Vase - Cone, an unconventional piece with a sleek and contemporary conical shape. Arranged in a staggered formation and reflected on a glossy surface, this vase highlights the dynamic aspects of modern glass design.

The Halo Vases Collection is perfect for those who cherish sophisticated simplicity and the clean lines of modern aesthetics. Each vase not only serves as a functional container but also stands as a piece of art, enhancing the beauty of its environment.
A stylish kitchen counter featuring an antique gold wine rack holding a textured glass bottle, accompanied by two clear and two amber-colored glass tumblers, with a backdrop of white subway tiles and hanging green plants.

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